Our Founders

Geoff Rozario loves photography. Loves the power of photography. Loves the craft of photography. A career at the business end of a view finder gives him a keen awareness of why great retail needs great imagery. And why the new retail landscape has higher demands on asset creators. For Geoff, WOW is a place where every image deserves attention.

Jo Rozario comes from a highly commercial world, where success only happens when the customer is engaged, delighted and satisfied. A highly regarded marketer, who has contributed to the success of some of Australia’s biggest brands, her experience at the cutting edge of the commercial world gives her a keen understanding of the needs of the new eCommerce world.

This intersection of great imagery and the needs of great retail is where WOW works. WOW takes the traditions of photography and underpins them with a process designed to meet the needs of the new retail world. This is a destination where the needs of the photographer meet the demands of retail. Smart photographers. Smart technology. Smart processes that provide a frictionless, seamless flow from brief to asset. All aligned to meet the needs of smart retail clients.

We work at the
speed of retail

eCommerce has changed what people expect to see online. To answer the demands of contemporary retailers, our WOW way of working ensures high volumes of high-quality shots, and gives you flexibility, agility and control.

  • Good enough isn’t good enough

    Average images don’t work. Not today.

    Not with higher customer expectations. Not against sophisticated retail sites that reward the customer’s attention. Sites that understand how the customer associates the quality of the image with the quality of the product. You need high quality images. Lots of high-quality images. For each product.

    Your images need to be able to withstand a higher level of scrutiny. If the customer doubts the image, they’ll doubt the product.

    This is why today’s retail needs photographers who understand and respond to the needs of retail. Specialist retail photographers who get you the images you need and the speed you need them.

    That’s what you get, with WOW.


  • Photography

    What you need to get the shot you need.

    In studio or on location. Whatever style of stills you want – our full-time photographers have the technical expertise to get the shots you’re after. Editorial. Campaign. Social. Lifestyle. Food. Fashion. Ecommerce. It’s all possible.

    Your choice of a single studio or multiple spaces. Blank canvasses and specialty set-ups. A full range of proven and up-to-the-minute equipment and software.

    Supported by highly skilled, full-time and freelance crews, stylists, hair and make-up artists, assistants and digital operators.