Camilo Mateus

Camilo has over 15 years’ experience in a variety of roles in creative industries. Joining WOW Pictures in mid 2017, he now holds the role of Lead Photographer across all of WOW’s clients, influencing the creative direction and output of the studio. Here is a selection of work from Camilo’s portfolio.

Camilo Mateus Folio Acqua Di Gio still life underwater clouds
clinique aromatics ingredients fragrance advert
thorogood waterproof boots liquid photography advert
burning rose fine art photography shot by camilo mateus
colourful burning flowers creative still life by camilo mateus
jamie furlan hair editirial on blue background shot in studio
hair and beauty editorial portrait melbourne
Xiang Hair trend vision editorial
sydney summer female fashion editorial
botanica floral gin studio still life advert
dripping honeycomb conceptual still life shot by camilo mateus
abstract mixed pink cocktail still life shot at wow pictures
conceptual yellow mixed vegetable still life shot by camilo mateus
conceptual pink vegetable still life styled by Ray Chaisiwamongkhon
stacked cheese sculpture conceptual still life by camilo mateus
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