Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition WOW Pictures – Duke st Hire Studio


Equipment and studios are subject to availability.

A booking confirmation fee of 50 % will be required at the time of booking confirmation and final payment 3 days prior to shoot date.

Full day hire is from 8.00 am until 5.00pm

Half day hire is from 8.00 am until 1pm, or from 12pm until 5.00pm

Additional hours for bump-in and bump out charged at $100 per hour

All deliveries need to be clearly marked with Studio number Company an shoot date along full name and contact information. All deliveries are accepted between 9 and 5pm


Cancellations within 48 hours of the hire period may attract a 50% cancellation fee. 

A cancellation of studio or equipment made on the day of the shoot incurs a fee of 100% of the fee involved. 

The initial agreed number of days that equipment or studios are booked for shall stand as the total number of days to be invoiced regardless of whether the hirer returns the equipment or no longer requires the studio before the end of the agreed original number of days. 


Full payment is required three days before the hire period,

Bookings and equipment can be paid by bank transfer, your booking will be held with a 50% deposit. Confirmation of your booking is once final payment is transferred three days prior.

Additional fees may be incurred if you take longer than your specified hours in a studio, or if you request an early start

Following a shoot, we will issue you with an invoice for all additional fees you incurred (less any fees paid up front or already charged to an approved account). 


You are responsible for the health and safety of your staff, employees, contractors, agents, guests, invitees and attendees whilst at WOW Pictures Duke St Hire Studios.

You will be responsible for obtaining all permits required, licenses and authorisations for, and assume all risks related to, all tasks, work and activities to be undertaken by you in the studios including, without limitation, working with children checks and permits in respect of minors engaged as cast, talent or otherwise employed or engaged by you and you have valid Public Liability insurance. for 20 million that need to be sent through with your booking form

Clients should ensure that their insurance policy covers them whilst using the facilities at WOW Pictures Duke St Hire Studios.

With the exception of any of our equipment, you must ensure that any equipment you bring to the premises is safe to use.

You acknowledge that our equipment is for professional use and is highly technical. You and your personnel who may use the equipment, understand how to use and operate the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. If you are not confident operating any equipment, WOW Pictures Duke St Hire Studios recommends that you use a qualified photographic assistant.


You must vacate the Studio and/or return all equipment by the end of the Hire Period in the same condition as it was provided (reasonable wear and tear excepted). 

Studios left with rubbish, foreign substances such as makeup spills, food, glitter or confetti may incur additional fees. 

You must take care not to damage or mark the Studio including but not limited to the walls, floors, flats or the cyc.

You must not attempt to repair or authorise a third party to attempt to repair any equipment. 

In the event the equipment is lost or damaged while at the risk of the client, the client shall be liable to compensate WOW Pictures Duke St Hire Studios for the full replacement cost or full cost of repairing the equipment as the case may be. 

WOW Pictures Duke St Hire Studios will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any property of any person using the studios, nor for any property lost in transit to or from the studios. Any items left at or delivered to the studios are not the responsibility of WOW Pictures Duke St Hire Studios. Clients leaving property in the studios do so at their own risk. 


By hiring the studios from WOW Pictures you are agreeing to accepting these trerms and conditions